Can’t Comment on YouTube Live Stream – Perfect Solution for YouTube Comment Problem

Can’t Comment on YouTube Live Stream – Perfect Solution for YouTube Comment Problem

Can’t Comment on YouTube  Live Stream? This article will surely help you to solve this problem. If you are not able to comment on Live Stream then you should clear cookies on the browser, and you can clear the cache on the YouTube app on your phone. Here in this article, we discuss how to turn on comments on YouTube videos and Live Stream. There are several settings options for YouTube comments. You can decide which one works best for your brand.

To select comments settings for all new YouTube  videos you publish:

    1. Sign in to YouTube Studio. This will bring you to your YouTube channel dashboard.
    2. Navigate to settings. Find those three horizontal lines in the upper left corner. Scroll down to find the settings.
    3. Select community

You will see two tabs here. In the Auto Filter tab, you can choose to add moderators, hide specific users, and block specific words. Click the Default tab to open your comment settings.

YouTube Comments Setting Option

A YouTuber can choose to Allow all comments. Any comments on your video will be automatically made public. Keep potentially inappropriate comments for review. YouTube detects comments that you don’t want to appear at the bottom of your video. Keep all comments for review. All comments are moderated by your brand. Your team manually approves which comments are live and which ones need to be deleted or reported.

How to Stop Commenting on YouTube

In the same section of your YouTube  Studio settings, you can choose to disable comments for new videos. YouTube  Studio settings disable default comments. You can turn off comments on individual YouTube videos. This overrides your general settings.

    1. Upload your new video to YouTube
    2. Select the new video from the video section on your YouTube Studio channel.
    3. Stop commenting on individual YouTube

Choose Edit from the black menu bar. Select comments from the dive down menu. Stop commenting on individual YouTube videos. Next, choose the YouTube comment settings you want for that video.

How to Find your YouTube Comments and Edit Them?

You can edit your YouTube past comment also. In the midst of a heated debate, you may now regret the rude comment left on a YouTube video or you may have thought of a perfect return in the end and want to add to the controversial debate in your comment. You may not remember what you said on YouTube regardless of the context or you may be proud to find your YouTube comment and share it with others. However, it’s easy to find your past YouTube comments, and it’s easy to edit or delete them.

    1. On the YouTube homepage, click the three lines in the upper-left corner of the screen,
    2. then click the word “History” from the menu that appears.
    3. YouTube makes it easy to view all your past comments as well as check your watch and search history.
    4. Click the bubble next to the word “Comments” on the right side of the screen.
    5. Scroll through your comments and find the comment you want to edit, delete or share, and click on the three dots next to it.
    6. If you want to delete the comment, you can do it right there and then.
    7. To edit a comment, click “Edit” and you’ll be taken to the video where the comment was posted and you can change it right now.

What is the Best YouTube channel Comment Video Settings?

YouTube marks some comments and replies with a highlighted comment or highlighted reply tag. Marks This is an automated feature. Think of it as a way for YouTube to draw your attention to new activities that may be relevant to you. Makes it easy for you to, navigate to the comments section, interact with new comments, and interact with YouTube comments.

Here are some things to keep in mind.

    • Highlighted comment tags are automatically generated by YouTube.
    • Moderators, creators, or users do not like to highlight any comments. Others don’t see what text is tagged.
    • You can see any comments on YouTube tags. Tags are not permanent. They will disappear after you view or interact with the comment. However, they can reload.
    • Clicking on the comment timestamp will reload the comment and display it as highlighted.
    • There are also highlighted answers. This tag is in your own responses to a user’s comment, not an actual comment.

How to Moderate Comments on YouTube?

Whether you’re writing a new comment for your brand or posting a comment in response to another YouTube user’s video, the principles of writing on social media are the same. A good YouTube commenting strategy also includes.

    • Post a comment on your own video and kick the conversation.
    • Quickly comment and answer questions.
    • Engaging in the content of your most loyal customers.
    • Your brand can also comment on other brands’ YouTube videos.
    • This interaction can help you build partnerships and relationships with other brands.
    • This can make your brand more visible to future customers. And it shows that you are paying attention to the conversations that take place outside of your own brand.
    • Here you will learn how to control comments directly on YouTube.

Bigdo’s Line:

In this article, we have seen how we can fix the YouTube Comment Problem. Many times it may happen that you want to comment on a youtube live stream but you cant comment on a youtube love stream, So this article will definitely solve that issue. If you like this article then give it a big thumbs-up and share it with your friends. Thanks for visiting Bigdolive.

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