How To Earn More In Facebook Gaming in 2021?

How To Earn More In Facebook Gaming in 2021?

Facebook has now become popular for live streaming video games which now in fact the social media platform has decided to launch its very own function dedicated for gamers and was titled “Facebook Gaming”, which also allows Facebook users in the gaming industry an opportunity to monetize and participate in the Facebook Gaming Level up Program.

The Level Up Program is the earliest way for you to earn with Facebook Gaming with crowdfunding which allows your viewers to donate stars in your live streams with a conversion of 1 star is equal to $0.01.

How to earn more in Facebook Gaming

You may have encountered Facebook Gaming in your social media account and perhaps started your journey on becoming a game streamer using your Facebook account while trying to meet the requirements in becoming eligible for monetization. The usual timeline to be monetized on Facebook normally takes a month but after then you will only find out that you are not even earning enough to even pay the bills which now takes you to a possibility of not earning at all.

 How To Earn More In Facebook Gaming

For users to apply in the monetization program the platform has required doable standards not just for the sake of business and increasing the sales of Facebook but for the future of the video creators or gamers itself. It is for the purpose of allowing your video streams to profit a lot better in the future.


What Are The Requirements For Level Up Program?

According to Facebook Gaming, the following are the requirements in applying for the Level Up Program.

1. A “Gaming Video Creator” page that you must have been active for over 30 days.

2. You need to stream tagged games for at least 4 hours in the past 14 days.

3. You must have saved 4 hours of gaming videos available for re-watching on your page.

 4. You must have 100 or more people following your page.

After achieving the Level Up Program you will now be in the case of minimally asking for stars as if it’s the only way to earn in Facebook Gaming but honestly, it is not.

We have prepared a number of ways to earn in Facebook Gaming that will definitely increase your earnings and start your venture as a professional game streamer in no time.


Utilize the Level Up Program in Live Streams (earn more stars)

 How to earn more in Facebook Gaming?

Level Up Program will only be at its best during your live streams because it is the only way to communicate faster with your audience that holds a star just for you. So be mindful of asking for stars to avoid being misjudged as greedy streamers.

Here are a few tips on getting more star donations:

1. Making a deal with the viewers into donating a star if you do and complete a certain challenge.

2. Always be thankful even though they are only giving you a single star or just simply complementing your streams in the comment section.

3. Always communicate with your viewers even if there is only one.

4. Always start the live stream with an announcement but at the right time (normally after work hours).

5. Maybe play a song during your live streams.

6. Play games with your viewers if you can.


Re-upload Video Highlights (earn from ads)

 How to earn more in Facebook Gaming?

You are allowed to save the video after the live stream which will be added as your new material for marketing. When we say “re-uploading” does not only mean to upload the entire video again but to at least edit or simply cut and paste the good parts only and upload it.

You can also apply for another monetization with different requirements which you will be able to earn with your non-live stream videos being uploaded again as a highlight preview that will earn you as much as $5 per 1000 views.

Uploading good content from past live streams helps to single out irrelevant moments in the live streams which lets your followers re-watch and not worry about skipping a long video just to get to the good parts. This also helps you re-watch and analyze your own video in order to improve your communication and other skills.


Affiliate Program (commissions and pay per click)

How to earn more in Facebook Gaming?

You should apply for an affiliate program that can be registered for free and can be found on many different platforms such as Fiverr, Amazon, Wix and etc.

An affiliate program is simply promoting online products with your help in sharing a short link that will be directed to the website or products of a company. The common earnings for the program start on a 20% commission if a product is sold using your link while some also allow you to earn from the total of clicks the links made from your viewers.

You can display these short links in your videos or just in the description while at the same time you should be able to promote to your viewers what the link does and to clarify that it is just a sponsorship or an affiliate program while you should choose the right product that is somehow relevant to you as a streamer.


Fan Subscriptions

To setup fan memberships you should be a Level Up part, but you likewise must have 250+ bring watchers back. When you are qualified, set up a membership administration as this gives you month to month repeating installments. Memberships cost your fans $4.99 every month and it is up to you what advantages you offer your supporters. You could make endorser just posts, selective live feeds, or even do giveaways to your faithful allies.


Facebook In-Stream Ads

Facebook Gaming has in-stream ads where gamers can procure additional pennies. In any case, these advertisements are not accessible to all decorations. To be qualified to have paid promotions on your real time videos, you must be a Facebook Gaming Partner. This is done through greeting just once your channel gets seen by Facebook. You need to reliably deliver quality substance and have your own locale. Be that as it may, in the event that you do arrive at Partner status, promotions are an incredible method to help the cash you make.


Other Monetization Methods

Beside these choices offered by straightforwardly the Facebook Gaming stage, decorations can bring in additional cash through affiliate promoting, brand sponsorship, and selling virtual tickets. While Facebook Gaming itself doesn’t offer this, you can utilize it as a stage for these extra lucrative administrations.

The reward of bringing in cash this way is that it isn’t through Facebook Stars. All things being equal, brands and organizations will pay you straightforwardly. Facebook additionally won’t take a cut and you are totally in charge of what gives you make with supporting organizations.


Withdraw Your Funds

For your Facebook Stars to increase money related an incentive in reality, you need to pull out them from Facebook Gaming. You will be paid naturally, be that as it may, it takes a little effort for the assets to hit your record. All payouts will happen 30 days after the month’s end that you acquire Stars in. For model, all Stars you procure in January will be paid in March, all Stars you procure in February will be paid in April, etc.

There is additionally a minimum withdrawal measure of 10,000 Facebook Stars, equivalent to $100. For any month where the end month to month balance is under 10,000 you won’t get a payout. All things considered, your equilibrium will be turned over to the following month.


Bigdo’s Line:

The Facebook Gaming Level Up program is now a trend. Any Facebook user that has a passion for playing games can now Earn in a variety of ways with the help of Facebook alone such as simply getting Monetized to run Sponsored ads or get an extra push with Affiliate Programs. Thank you for choosing Bigdolive.

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