How to Embed YouTube Live Stream on Website?[step-by-step]

How to Embed YouTube Live Stream on Website?[step-by-step]

In this digital age, the video has become a necessity for modern business, and Embed YouTube Live Stream on Website become a trend, which is why most companies, including industry giants, have fallen into the line as a result. Today’s marketers know that most of their potential hangs wherever there are video streaming features. And while sports and news-related industries have highlighted the benefits of live streaming, that doesn’t mean it should be limited to just that niche. In fact, with the stickiness feature of live video, you can keep visitors on your website for more days by enhancing their experience. So, if you want to practice this technique, here is what you need to do to stream live video on your website.

Instructions to Embed YouTube Live Stream Step-by-step

  • Switch the stream to listed or public.
  • Navigate to “View Page” and click Share.
  • Then click your embed to get the embedded HTML code from the options and paste it on your website.
  • It is important to note that you need to have a verified account on YouTube in order to be live.

1. Link Youtube Video to Your Website

How to Embed YouTube Live Stream on Website?[step-by-step]


Create a button called “Live Stream” directly on your website and forward it to your YouTube page. It’s as simple as finding your YouTube channel ID and adding “/ live” to the end of the URL.

    1. Go to
    2. Click and select the appropriate channel “View your channel”
    3. Go to
    4. Copy your channel ID shown below
    5. Now, type your channel ID here / live
    6. Your stable YouTube Live page generally look like this:
    7. If you’re more into visual learning, watch the video below on how to create your own permanent YouTube Live URL.

2. Embed YouTube Video in Website

If you are looking for a more customized and seamless experience for your members, you may want to consider embedding your live stream player directly. This requires your account to enable live stream embedding, and your channel now needs 1000 subscribers to enable this feature in new accounts. To check the status of your YouTube account, follow these steps to see if you are eligible for YouTube embedding:

    1. Go to, See what your YouTube Live Stream embed status will read.
    2. Here’s what it should look like if you qualify (if you don’t, click here and read how to qualify your account).
    3. Now we assume that your account is eligible. All you need to do now is know how to embed something on your site.
    4. If you’re using any website builder, it’s usually a fairly simple task – know how to embed the funny part.
    5. The code below is the best source of my experience for YouTube Live Embed.
    6. This embed code will: Show live streams across all of your YouTube channels. No ads will appear.
    7. Once started, the stream will play automatically.

Here is the formula, just replace the bold text string with your channel ID. Now you can embed your live stream directly on your site without sending your visitors away.

3. YouTube by EmbedPlus Plugin

How to Embed YouTube Live Stream on Website?[step-by-step]

The YouTube plugin by EmbedPlus provides you a variety of ways to customize the videos embedded on your WordPress website. To get started, the plugin has gallery capabilities to drag your playlists or channel listings to your site. Galleries are responsive and ready for your customization. Then, your users will be able to browse and search for specific videos according to their own needs. Many more features have been included with EmbedPlus, including the YouTube plugin, but we will cover the best of the list below.

As for the price, this plugin is free for the majority of basic features. For example, when you add a YouTube live stream to your website, you can add some branding to get rid of a few colors and logos on YouTube. The premium version starts at 19.99 and provides lifetime access to the YouTube plugin. Support is provided for some plans and you get some interesting additions like automated video SEO markup and fast page loads. I especially enjoy the advanced gallery customization and mobile compatibility test to see how people are watching videos on their small devices.

4. WP YouTube Lite Plugin

How to Embed YouTube Live Stream on Website?[step-by-step]

One of the main tasks of the WP YouTube Lite plugin is to slow down your embedded YouTube videos so that your website gets up and running as quickly as possible. Lazy loading can usually be done with images, but this plugin takes it to a new level by initially focusing on YouTube videos. Lazy loading currently loads only the media that is currently being viewed by the user. As a result, the website loads faster and your improved performance should be seen across all your websites.

The WP YouTube Lite plugin is completely free, so there are no requests to compromise or persuade you to buy add-ons or premium versions. The plugin doesn’t exactly do lazy-loaded videos the way most image lazy loaders do. It’s not until you click on the thumbnail there that YouTube calls for the “heavy” version. This is especially important if you plan to have a large gallery or multiple videos on the same page. Your visitors won’t notice any differences between a regular YouTube embed, so videos will load faster than you expect.

5. Feed Them Social Plugin

How to Embed YouTube Live Stream on Website?[step-by-step]

The Feed the Somal plugin has taken a completely different approach to the YouTube embedding game. After installing the plugin, you can choose the social video feeds you like the most and display them in posts, pages or anywhere on your website. This is a great solution for any organization that wants to highlight specific celebrity pages or blogs or product-related tutorials.

The free plugin has the functionality to view and display feeds from your Facebook page, including album covers and photos. You’ll be able to include feeds of your choice, but you’ll need to upgrade to the premium version if you want to limit the number of items from each feed. It starts at $ 50 for a single site, but developers have other extensions that can cost you more depending on your preferences. For example, you’ll find extensions for Facebook reviews, connected streams, and carousels.

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