How Stream Twitch VODs to YouTube? – YouTube Stream VODs

How Stream Twitch VODs to YouTube? – YouTube Stream VODs

Twitch VODs are video recordings of your past live streams that you can share on your Twitch channel. They keep your audience engaged and help people discover you while you’re offline. Editing your Twitch VOD posted on YouTube can help increase the following on both of your platforms. Engaging in content calls to action, creative titles and thumbnails can make your video stand out and help you grow faster on the YouTube platform.

Twitch VOD Introduction

If you’ve been reading this, you probably already know that Twitch. tv is currently the world’s largest live streaming website, allowing millions of people to broadcast their gameplay sessions, host live podcasts, or just chat with their listeners every month. What you may not know, however, is that the Twitch Demand system also offers fairly extensive video (commonly known as VOD).

A Twitch Video is a recording of your past live stream that you can choose to share on your Twitch channel as a streamer. The VOD system also includes highlights, a compilation of the best moments of any broadcast. These may be published manually on your Twitch channel by you or your editor (if you have an appointment).

How You Distribute Your Twitch VOD to YouTube?

VOD is being exported directly to YouTube. So, you have decided that you want to upload your past Twitch stream to YouTube but you want to learn how. Fortunately for you, there are many ways to do this, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The easiest way is to do it directly from the Twitch website:

    1. First, you need to click the little arrow next to your name at the top right of the screen and click Video Maker. This will take you to a list of all your Twitch videos, including your past streams.
    2. From there, just click 3 points on the video you want to export to YouTube, and then click Export.
    3. A menu will pop up asking you to fill in the title, description, and tag of the YouTube video you want. You can also choose whether you want your video to be public or private. You’ll also see a checkbox if you want Twitch to automatically split the video into 15-minute sections and upload them as separate videos. After you have filled in all the fields and options, all you have to do is click Start Export.

This option may be the easiest and most straight-forward way to get your stream recordings on YouTube, but it is certainly not recommended for you to follow on YouTube. Because it uploads the whole stream, which usually means more than one hour of footage when nothing particularly interesting happens during your match, your bathroom breaks down and includes all the time you just spend chatting for questions or any other search, including the “boring” parts There are messages to respond.

While these moments are an all-natural part of a live stream and not bad for people watching you (because they can use that time to interact with you or chat with each other), they are certainly not as fun for a YouTube viewer. Of course, some people will still see your videos, but your audience has only a handful of your Twitch fans who follow you on YouTube.

To further increase your followers on the YouTube platform, you need to take these stream recordings and convert them into the appropriate YouTube content. That means you can edit them just like you do regular YouTube videos. That way your YouTube viewers won’t feel like they’re just reusing second-hand content from another platform, but something created specifically to pay for them.

Downloading Your Youtube Stream VODs

To download a VOD you need to follow the same steps as

    1. In the “Export to YouTube” section, instead of just clicking the Export button you click Download.
    2. Video editing software can be extremely stunning, especially on laptops and older computers. Of course, PC gamers out there probably won’t find this problem since high-end gaming/streaming computers match the system requirements for lots of video editing software.
    3. If you’ve been a console gamer and on the same old laptop you’re basically trying to browse the internet and edit for schoolwork, you may discover that the process is much more taxing than it initially seems, and trying to play a slippery, longest experience game. Time is just as scary and frustrating as trying to edit a video.
    4. Render times can be too long. This obviously depends on the hardware you use and the length and complexity of the videos you’re trying to create, but rendering times are usually much longer than people expect, especially if you use older hardware.

That you can no longer do anything with your computer while rendering your video.

Special Tips to Improve Youtube Stream VOD

Unfortunately, enabling Twitch videos and choosing a video editing program isn’t enough to turn your stream recording into quality content that people on YouTube will want to see. There is a lot of work and thought to turn your hour-long streams into successful YouTube videos. While this article is not going to go deeper about video editing techniques (there are plenty of tutorials available online here in our blog and support section), here are some tips and pointers on how to create content that will help your channel grow.

1. Make sure your video is Long

Over the past few years, it has become clear that the YouTube algorithm favors longer videos, especially those longer than 10 minutes. This means that if your video lasts at least 10 minutes or more, YouTube will probably recommend it to people and it will rank higher in search results for specific topics. This is very important, considering that the purpose of your YouTube channel is to increase your audience by bringing new people to your Twitch stream.

2. Analyze content and the audience to hold

Audience resistance refers to how far your viewers go in a video before they click on another video or change pages. If you have a 20-minute long video and the average viewer only watches its first 10 minutes before moving on to something else, that’s 50% of the audience for that video. The YouTube algorithm takes listener resistance very seriously when deciding whether or not to recommend your video to another person, so it’s important to try to keep your audience resistance as high as possible. The only way to ensure that your video has a large audience is to provide quality written content that keeps viewers engaged. In our special case, this means editing your stream footage harder to eliminate long pauses or sections when nothing particularly interesting is happening on the screen.

3. Be Creative with Video Title

Given that your content will be the highlight of your past streams, it may be tempting to use a title scheme such as “stream highlights from day/month/year”. This may make it easier for your existing Twitch fan base to find your videos, but it won’t help you discover YouTube and increase your audience.

Bigdo’s Line:

So, in this article, we have seen how you can stream twitch VODs on youtube. You can also check for twitch VODs separately. But if you have to stream your videos on youtube as a twitch video then you can go for the above steps. Otherwise, twitch VODs are also helpful. You can download them and watch them later. Hope you like this article. please give it a big thumbs up and share it with your friends. Thanks for visiting bigdolive.

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