How to Create a Video Streaming Website like YouTube? [Step By Step]

How to Create a Video Streaming Website like YouTube? [Step By Step]

Creation of video streaming website like youtube is a tricky work. YouTube is the world’s second largest website with 1.6 billion monthly users, hard to find for anyone unfamiliar with YouTube. Google’s proprietary video-sharing website is the most visited website in its category. Internet users watch more than 1 billion hours of YouTube videos a day, more than Netflix and Facebook combined. In a very short time, people are now spending more time watching YouTube videos than content on their smart-TVs.

In fact, YouTube’s unique business model has captivated users in all fields. Where ordinary users can enjoy watching videos, YouTube creators can create, upload, share and gain fame from their creations on a great video sharing platform. Where manufacturers can monetize YouTube ads, brands can collaborate with YouTube influencers to raise their video marketing promotions. The best part is that the YouTube business plan offers incredible returns to every type of user on its platform.

1. Self-development using CMS

If you have a basic knowledge of CMS like WordPress, Joomla, etc., the easiest and simplest option is to develop a website with the help of CMS. Even if you do not have basic knowledge of CMS, you can definitely learn through online tutorials in a short time. Steps to follow to develop a video sharing website like YouTube using CMS. A Meaningful, interesting and easy to use domain name. Register for Web hosting that provides effective website editing, speed and support. Install CMS (mostly WordPress).Select and install an elegant video sharing theme. Configure the theme and landing page to suit your needs. Turn on for users.

2. Using Clone Scripts

Clone scripts are a kind of duplicate website of the existing market leader in a particular category. Completely created from a national code already available is a video-sharing section, a complete legal way to mimic existing popular and successful market leaders like YouTube in the Jomato, or Suigi or Uber Eats food distribution application section, using a clone script like YouTube. Steps to developing a video sharing website. Check out the various YouTube clone scripts and their prices. Purchase the one that sets in your budget and needs. Configure the clone script based on your website’s name, landing pages, and features. Users Launch the website for users.

3.Customized Solution from Scratch

Developing a completely new website from scratch is the most time consuming and expensive thing but it definitely sets you apart from the existing competitors for your uniqueness. To develop a video-sharing website like YouTube, you need an expert professional team who will guide you through every step of the way on how you can further improve your product with minimal cost impact. The overall website performance of your website will definitely be better than using the above methods but it will definitely come at a cost. Steps to develop a fully customized solution.

Choose an experienced and expert web development company. Decide on the right features after thorough consultation with the selected development agency. Choose Bac backend and frontend technology that will meet all your feature requirements on the platform. Above setup system requirements for applying the above technology. Development Develop a plan-like solution while maintaining an overall development and launch schedule. Launch a completely unique website for the user.

4.YouPHPTube (YPT)

YouPHPTube (YPT) is an open source solution that comes from the need to distribute videos with sensitive content using the company’s internal, network infrastructure that is available to everyone for free. Soon the idea grew and took place on the internet, as its own modified alternative, in the way of distribution, great video sites: YouTube, Vimeo etc. Some of the features, YouPHPTube lets you import and encode videos directly from the Internet to other sites, as well as support for mobile devices, via the site’s responsive layout or a hybrid application that lets you watch and stream videos directly from your phone.


Bigdo’s Line:

If your dream is to create a website like YouTube, getting started may be easier than you think. But most people who start a video site are not trying to replace YouTube. They are serving a niche that YouTube does not serve. It can be a video that is only for a small group or organization interested in even family video sites. Or something personal without the far-reaching tent of Google / YouTube. Hope this detailed article help you a lot to create a video streaming website like Youtube.

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