How To Delete A Live Stream On YouTube?[Step-by-Step]

How To Delete A Live Stream On YouTube?[Step-by-Step]

YouTube Live Streaming knew as YouTube Live is a way to reach your target audience in real-time. When you go live, your video is located in the live section on the left side of the YouTube homepage. Users interested in a live stream can click on the live section and find your video. Of course, you don’t have to rely entirely on these initiators. Anyone who has recently watched your video, watched a video like yours, or subscribed to your channel will probably see your live stream on their personalized homepage. Live streaming is a very good platform, but to delete its video from the stream archive you have to follow the below steps.

How to Delete Live Stream in Simple Steps?

To off/delete the live streaming follow the navigations:

    1. Go to My Channel
    2. Video Manager
    3. Check next to the stream which you want to delete >
    4. Go to the Actions tab
    5. Select delete from the settings option and click delete.

So youtube’s live streaming service is a good streaming platform where you can do live streaming. You can Request to share those on Facebook also. But sometimes all the streaming features you may not like also. You can edit the archived videos from the advanced settings, which will increase the active views. Facebook live is also a great place to share youtube live. but there are some issues also that’s why you may have to delete the live streams from youtube, that may be for age restriction or any problem with your videos in the creator studio.

How to Delete a Live Stream on Youtube?

    1. Log in to your youtube channel.
    2. Click on the profile picture in the top right corner and check to see your name next to the profile picture. The channel should show your name. If you see a name other than yours, click Switch Account and then select your name from the list.
    3. Next, click onYouTube Studio.
    4. Click “Video” from the left panel.
    5. Click “Live” which is under “Channel Video”.
    6. Look around at the video you want to delete and three dots will appear. Click Three points and Click “Delete Forever”.
    7. Click on the box which says “I understand that deletion is permanent and it can’t be undone” and then click on“Delete Forever”.

Reasons for doing YouTube Live & Delete Stream Later

    1. I think everyone knows about youtube creator studio, a youtube streaming platform, which can be editable from the stream settings option. But If you’ve ever watched a YouTube live stream, you already know what makes it a special form of online content: it makes you feel like you’re part of an event. Since each visitor is receiving the same content at the same time and because viewers are encouraged to use the chat function to share their thoughts and questions – a YouTube live stream is a tremendously interesting experience. It’s all the excitement of a live sporting event mixed with the intimacy of a short concert.

2. Live streaming lets you connect with your target audience in a way that cannot be replicated with any blog post, podcast episode, or standard video. Even if you are skeptical about its effectiveness, there is no reason to deny that the fundamentally unique style of live streaming content. And if you are committed to differentiating yourself from your competitors, doing something unique is essential.

3. Suppose you are a marketer of a supply chain management firm and you want to republish some of the content of your educational blog. Why not turn these posts into short presentations and deliver them via live stream? This way, you can communicate directly with your prospects in real-time and showcase your brand personality in a new way. Also, being able to answer questions of your possibilities as soon as they come to mind is incredibly powerful.

4. Typically, a simple live stream is managed via a webcam. As long as you have an internet connection and a laptop, you can use your webcam to go directly to YouTube. And if your channel has more than a thousand subscribers, you also have the option to go live via smartphone. If you’re short on resources and you want to use YouTube Live to conduct a Q&A or provide a very simple presentation, using your webcam or smartphone is a good option.

Some of the features of Youtube Customized live streams

Customized live streams on the other hand produce more complex. The defining feature of a customized live stream is an encoder software that lets you share your screen and use multiple cameras and microphones. So, if you want to go live on YouTube and stream recordings of your podcasts or provide visual-assistance presentations, you’ll need an encoder. Google has prepared a list of encoders that can be verified on YouTube Live. If no one sees it, there is no point in going live on YouTube. Yes, a simple stream via your webcam or phone is virtually free. Still, the time spent on live streaming is not the time spent generating leads and closing sales. Also, if you want to invest in a customized stream, we are talking about some of the most expensive tools.


So live streaming can be deleted from the live streaming video manager settings. You can request more information from us by mail to the contact email.

Contrary to popular acceptance, paying your viewer’s views price doesn’t mean you can’t make your live stream video informative and fun. While informing your prospects should be an absolute priority, I think it’s important to experience, know, and enjoy. After all, if you take people to the zoning point, they are unlikely to hold anything. One way to have some fun in your live stream is to make it a colorful hour. Just because you’re breaking the ins and outs of cloud computing doesn’t mean you can’t keep yourself a refreshing pixel.

Alternatively, you can invite a subscriber to join your stream. It takes away the pressure of being the only speaker and gives your prospects a chance to hear an organic testimonial. There should be some structure to the conversation but it does not have to be a formal interview. Speaking of your customer experience in a natural way should translate into valuable, memorable content. Join us by giving a request to join on our Facebook page. Hope we have answered all your questions.

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