How to Disable Live Streaming on YouTube Web Browser, Mobile, Streaming Software?

How to Disable Live Streaming on YouTube Web Browser, Mobile, Streaming Software?

Disable Live Streaming on YouTube is the most simplest way. YouTube Live is an excellent platform for business, gamers, and social streamers. The problem is, starting a YouTube live stream isn’t exactly straightforward. If you’re not sure how to stream live on YouTube, you’ve come to the right place. The coolest way to stream live on YouTube is by using a built-in or external USB webcam directly from your web browser.

The webcam can meet your needs if all you want to do is share your thoughts and engage with your audience in real-time. It is also possible to have a live stream through your browser with a high-end camera like a digital camcorder or DSLR. To do this, you need a USB capture card to bring the video signal to your computer. YouTube can then recognize the camera as if it were a plug-and-play webcam.

How to Disable Live Streaming on Youtube Web Browser?

Once you are ready with the camera, how to get a live stream on YouTube through your web browser:

    1. Login to your YouTube account and click the “Create or Post a Video” button in the upper-right corner of the screen.
    2. Select “Live” from the drop-down menu.
    3. If requested, grant YouTube and your browser the necessary permissions for live streaming (e.g., camera, microphone).
    4. In the Live Control Room, make sure “Webcam” is selected in the top navigation bar.
    5. Give your live stream a heading, select a privacy setting (public, private, or listed), and choose whether you want to keep the live stream now or schedule an event.
    6. Click “More options.” Select your camera and microphone if not already listed from the drop-down menus.
    7. Press “Next” and break for a thumbnail. Mouse over thumbnails to bring up other photo options or upload a custom thumbnail from your computer.
    8. Press “Go Direct.”
    9. Stream now → Advanced settings → Live Control room → Stop streaming.

YouTube will repeatedly upload an on-demand version of the live stream to your channel so that missed viewers can play it again. You can view and manage all your current, scheduled, and past live streams in the “Manage” tab in the Live Control Room.

How to Disable Live Streaming on Mobile?

Only YouTube channels with at least 1000 subscribers can stream live on any mobile device. This limitation can be a pain, especially if mobile live streaming is a big part of your live video plan. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to get mobile on YouTube with less than a thousand subscribers, including the popular Epiphan webcast X2.

Once you click on subscriber thresholds, live streaming to YouTube on mobile devices is pretty straightforward:

    1. Install the YouTube application from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).
    2. Open the youtube app and press the camera icon in the top-right corner.
    3. Grant all necessary YouTube permissions (camera, microphone, photos, storage) for live streaming.
    4. Select “Go Direct.”
    5. Choose what is recorded on your phone’s camera (camera icon) or your display (phone icon)
    6. Set a title for your stream.
    7. To add details, toggle live chat and monetization (if eligible), set age limits, configure privacy settings, and (optional) press “More options” to arrange a time for your live stream.
    8. Press “Go Direct.”
    9. Stream now → Advanced settings → Live Control room → Stop streaming.

Now you are ready for some continuous live streaming. When you’re done, press “Finish” and then “OK” to end the stream. VOD version of youtube live stream will appear on your channel later. You can access and manage those recordings and others through the “My Videos” page in the “Library” tab.

How to Disable Live Streaming on Streaming Software?

If you want to share computer screen (e.g., broadcast gameplay), access additional features like live titles and overlays, or use multiple cameras, use live streaming software. Open Broadcast Software (OBS), Xsplit, and War cast are just a few of your options. Any streaming software can automatically detect a USB-based camera connected to your computer. You can also carry non-USB video signals like HDMI to your computer via a USB capture card. Attach the capture card to your PC and camera to the capture card, and your streaming software’s camera should be recognized as a USB Video Class (UVC) device. The exact process of live streaming live on YouTube with the software encoder will depend on the streaming software you are using, but it should look like this:

    1. Download and install your favorite streaming software.
    2. On YouTube, click the “Create or Post a Video” button in the screen’s upper-right corner.
    3. Select “Go Direct.”
    4. Click “Stream” in the top navigation bar in the YouTube Live Control Room.
    5. Choose a privacy setting, Title your stream, add a description, select the appropriate category, and upload a thumbnail.
    6. Decide whether you want to stream now or schedule an event later.
    7. Press “Create Stream.”
    8. Copy stream name from the pop-up window. (Keep this string of characters private)) If the window does not appear or accidentally close, see this information in the Live Control Room’s lower-left corner.
    9. Stream now →Advanced settings → Live Control room → Stop streaming.

Open your streaming software, then just paste the “stream name/key” from YouTube and, if necessary, the “stream URL” in the appropriate fields. You’ll probably find it in a settings or preferences menu; If you are not sure where to look, specify the software’s user documentation.

If you’ve arranged to go live now, start the stream with your streaming software. If you schedule your YouTube live stream for the next time, open your streaming software as soon as the time comes and turn on streaming. Flip to YouTube Live Control Room; You should see a stream preview window. Press “Live” in the top right to start streaming.


Bigdo’s Line:

End your stream with the streaming software when the show is over to Disable Live Streaming on YouTube. A recording will be automatically uploaded to your channel so that people can watch it on demand and manage all current, scheduled, and past live streams via the “Manage” tab at the top of the YouTube Live Control Room. Hope you like this article. Thank you for choosing Bigdolive.

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