How to Download Twitch Videos, Broadcast and Twitch VOD Videos?

How to Download Twitch Videos, Broadcast and Twitch VOD Videos?

If you’re a regular Twitch viewer, there’s probably a time when you wish you could download broadcasts as VODs for later viewing. Makes it harder to hold streams of your favorite broadcasters if you’re not at home or traveling because of work. That’s why it can be so nice to download Twitch Streams – download them to your PC once they’re streamed and then catch them later. Unfortunately, Twitch itself does not always support ways for people to download anything other than their stream, and only a few days after the original stream has occurred.

A case study:

All of the Twitch’s registered customers can obtain their reside stream videos, whatever the form of account they have. However, when you’ve got a daily person account, you simply possess two weeks earlier than the video is automatically deleted from the platform’s servers. The house owners of Twitch Companion accounts hold way more time to obtain their movies since their movies are deleted about two months afterwards the video was broadcasted. Here’s how you may get movies from Twitch in your harddisk with out breaking a sweat.

Downloading your Videos on Android

1.Using Download Video for Twich

How to Download Twitch Videos, Broadcast and Twitch VOD Videos?

We can access our Twitch account on mobile and PC. As we mentioned earlier, Twitch makes it very easy to download your broadcasts. As a general rule and depending on your account level you should be able to download your broadcasts from your original broadcast or stream within 14 to 60 days. Even after that deadline, those broadcasts are automatically deleted and never downloaded or viewed again. You can easily download videos by using this app available on the google play store.


2.Using TDL

How to Download Twitch Videos, Broadcast and Twitch VOD Videos?

You can also use this app, it’s a good choice for Android users. Even to start downloading your broadcasts, you need to enable Auto Archive in your account. It is very easy to do.

1. Go to the Twitch home page.

2. Next, click the drop-down menu at the top-right of the screen and select the Settings menu.

3. Next, select the Channel and Video option.

4. Then, scroll down to the Channel Settings section.

5. Finally, check the box that says My Broadcasts is automatically archived.


Once this is done, your broadcasts are now stored in the archive for the period selected by Twitch. As we mentioned, this can be between 14 and 60 days, allowing you to download your broadcasts within that time. Now, we just need to download our video.

Twitch go back to the main page, and then from the main drop-down, select the Video Manager option. This is the section where all your broadcasts are stored. Below each thumbnail, you should see an option that says Download. Click the videos you want to download and save them to your computer. Depending on the length of the video, it may take some time – after all, a few hours long videos can take much longer than a short stream. This is where you can download your videos. On the other hand, downloading videos from other streamers is a bit more difficult.

Download Broadcasts From Others Channel

You need to use a third-party application to download videos outside of Twitch. This application is called Twitch Lecturer. With its program on your computer, it allows you to download Twitch videos created by any broadcaster on the platform. You can grab it from your computer’s Twitch Leecher Github page. You need to select the appropriate version for your system.

Download Twitch videos using Twitch Leecher

How to Download Twitch Videos, Broadcast and Twitch VOD Videos?

After installing Twitch Leecher, you need to open the application. This can be done by a simple search in the Start bar of your taskbar, or you can look under the recently added section in the Start menu. When you open the Twitch Lecture, click on the option that says Search. Keep the program open, but now we need to open your browser. Now, open the internet browser of your choice and go to

1. look for the Twitch Streamer broadcast page from which you want to download a video. In the Twitch Streamer of your favorite profile page, click on the video link. Find the video you want to download, right-click on the video with your mouse, and select the Copy Link option.

2. Come back to Twitch Lecture. Click the URL tab, and then paste the video link in the white text field by pressing the shortcut code CTRL + V. Or then, press Search. Use the URL to find the Twitch Lecture broadcast.

3. The Twitch video you searched for should be seen in the Twitch Lecturer and then you should see a download button at the bottom right. Click the button to start the process.

4. Finally, on the next screen, you will choose some details about your video. Quality / Resolution, select the folder where the video needs to be downloaded and finally choose the name of a custom file.

5. You can also choose the start and endpoints of the video if you wish, which is helpful for a few hours long broadcast. Hours-long broadcasts can be huge, so this start and endpoint option lets you choose the highlights you just want to watch.



How to Download Your Twitch Broadcasts ?

Twitch streamers can obtain their earlier broadcasts from the Twitch website. Counting on whether or not you are a daily user, Twitch Affiliate, or Twitch Partner, your window for downloading earlier broadcasts varies between 14 to 60 days Later the preliminary stream. Later this, the video will auto-delete.

With Twitch’s VOD highlight, aficionados of your stream can watch accounts of past live streams when you’re disconnected. Lamentably, these records lapse after some time and are erased consequently. So perhaps it is anything but a poorly conceived notion to download them and either keep them on your own PC or transfer them to another video administration like Youtube.

1.By Enabling Auto-Archive

You can tell Twitch to save your own broadcasts automatically with a single switch. Here’s where to find it.

1 . Go to the Twitch web site and log in to your account.

2 . Click on in your profile identify in the highest proper nook getget toget into use a drop-down menu and choose ‘’Dashboard’’ represented by a mini chart.

3 . As soon as on the Dashboard, choose ”Channel” below the ”Settings” part among the many choices operating down the left-hand facet on the screen.

4 . Toggle the ”Store previous broadcasts” choice to ”on”. You’ll know this has been carried out appropriately when a white examine note on a inexperienced background appears. From now on, all broadcasts shall be saved to Twitch.

2.By Downloading Your Videos

After you turn on archiving, you can download broadcasts after you finish streaming.

1 . On the homepage, select Video Producer in the menu beneath your profile picture.

2 . On the following page, click on the More menu to the precise of the video you ought to save.

3 . Select Download to save the video to your computer.

Note : You can’t download someone else’s past broadcasts from the Twitch website.

How to Download Twitch Videos, Broadcast and Twitch VOD Videos?

Bigdo’s Line:

Once these options are set, click Download. This can take some time depending on the length and size of the video, as several hours of video can often be in gigabytes. So, Download Twitch Videos are so simple. We hope this easy tutorial helps you a lot. Thanks for visiting Bigdolive.

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