How to FIX YOUTUBE Streaming ISSUES on Windows, Android & iPhone in 2023

How to FIX YOUTUBE Streaming ISSUES on Windows, Android & iPhone in 2023

YouTube has made live features, but the platform still has some minor flaws that I highlighted in this guide to provide problem-solving skills. I hope this will lead you to a final solution by identifying YouTube live errors and preparing you for unexpected errors before the omnipresent live event.

The first time I saw one of these errors, I was annoyed and shocked (even forced to cancel a live show). CDN or Content Delivery Network is the mandatory thing when it comes to live streaming an event, and this is also the most important. Without it, no one would see such a beautiful video creation that we spent so much time preparing.

Stream Key Error on Youtube Streaming

There are two ways to stream live on YouTube. First, you can stream in Creator Studio using your “Stream Now” panel, which brings your channels to live to the world page. The URL of this live stream is always identical, making it simple for your user base (it looks like new stations and 24/7 broadcast users use this stream option because statistics are accountable to the channel If you want to show up on a “live” YouTube channel that has over 2 million subscribers this is the way to do it.

I haven’t had any live streaming on my channel stream key, and we’ve had over two months of 24/7 live streaming on our channel. YouTube says “Stream Now” is still in “beta” but I think it’s more stable than the pre-scheduled event. The second way to stream live on YouTube is the ability to schedule a live event. This is my preferred method for several reasons. YouTube creates a great “Scheduled Live Show” playlist that you can display on your channel’s homepage for your scheduled events. I like it because the playlist is automatic and I don’t have to add each event manually.

1. Once assigned YouTube gives you an event page you can display with thumbnails this page is just like a regular youtube video, and you can embed the event on your webpage. Scheduled Events is the only way to use YouTube’s “Multiple Cameras” feature that allows you to send up to 6 different cameras to the same event. I rarely use this feature for our live shows, but I like the idea of ​​allowing users to choose which camera they want to see.

2. Finally, in contrast, to live all feedback during your live show is attributed to your on-demand recording (Live now attributes feedback to your channel, which is essential if you plan to use it regularly). However, there is an FFMPEG error that I have been running with pre-scheduled streams running on the system for about three weeks or more. When you plan a live stream, YouTube allocates a unique stream key to that event. It usually works fine, but I found out a few weeks later that for some reason the stream key will no longer start the protected stream on the YouTube server.

Solution of Stream Key Error on Youtube Streaming

This is quite annoying when you find this error because you are probably about to start your live show. So, first we need to start your live stream at least 35 minutes before your planned time. If your stream starts properly, you have nothing to worry about. However, I have repeatedly found that events scheduled 1 month ago are usually deleted and have to be republished with a new stream key. Therefore before you send any email or social media post linked directly to the live show, it is best practice to check the live stream. Just send a link to your predefined event to make sure your live stream is set up correctly.

Youtube Streaming Error on Android and iPhone

The YouTube app uses an active internet connection on your iPhone. Whether you’re traveling by bus, train, or just walking down the street, you’re probably using a universal WiFi network. When you rotate, the signal strength of the WiFi hotspot you are connected to will change, resulting in a change in speed performance. When you reach the edge of a WiFi hotspot, you’ll probably find an Internet connection that doesn’t work. Also, sometimes your phone connects to a corrupt WiFi hotspot. This means that even if it is connected to WiFi, it has no internet connection.

Solution of Youtube streaming error on Android and iPhone

In both cases, the bad WiFi connection – your iPhone doesn’t know that you have no working connection to the Internet. The iPhone will stay associated to the WiFi hotspot. It finds a strong signal for the same WiFi network. It detects another known WiFi network for connection. This will eventually change the cellular. During all these “waiting” periods, YouTube will not be able to load and stream your videos. Or send data to their servers if live streaming. Connect with wifi once again manually to fix the problem.

If your smartphone can’t find any known WiFi networks nearby, it will switch between WiFi and cellular. The problem is that iPhones prefer WiFi connections over cellulars by default. Even if your WiFi connection is weak and slow, your iPhone will stay connected while it is in range. It will move to the cellular as soon as it loses signal. In this case, as you move away from the hotspot, your speed will decrease and you will face the problem of YouTube streaming. This will keep your iPhone buffering or disconnected until it switches to cellular.

Bigdo’s Line:

YouTube Live Streaming transforms online video into an interactive experience. With more than 500 hours of video being uploaded every minute, the live stream is standing out from the crowd. And draw a crowd. However, don’t just publish a product reel or host a static tutorial. Make it a virtual event. Create buzz with announcements, announcements and special guests. Get interactive with live quizzes and with spontaneous added elements. Decide what you want to achieve and plan accordingly. Whether it’s connecting with an audience or promoting a product, your goal is to inform your livestream setup.

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