How to Setup Donations on YouTube Live Stream? [Step-by-Step]

How to Setup Donations on YouTube Live Stream? [Step-by-Step]

Some recent activity on YouTube has raised questions among creators that they are trying to reduce monetization opportunities. However, they have also introduced a number of features that give legitimate producers a better chance of making money on video platforms. One of these, launched in March 2017, is YouTube Super Chat. Creators can use YouTube Super Chat to monetize once it’s live. When someone goes to the live stream, they see the dollar bill symbol on the chat screen. If they click on this icon, a slider will appear on their screen.

They can use it to decide the number of dollars they have ready to send to YouTube. The amount of dollars is not just a random figure. The more dollars someone pays, the longer that person’s comments are, the more they can pin up to five hours and use more characters in their message. Any paid message on the chat screen appears in a different color than other messages, making it clearly visible to streamers. They can circle through the given messages by clicking on the colored pins near the top of the chat window.

How to Enable Donations on Youtube Live Stream?

To enable live chat donations, add your scheduled live stream with your funds. How to set up a fundraiser on YouTube Live Streams including Learn Live Chat will have a chat donation icon. Live streams without live chat will have a donation button next to or below the stream.

    1. Select Donate in Live Chat.
    2. Select the amount of the grant or select another to enter a different value.
    3. Select I want my grant to make your username public in live chat.
    4. To end your donation, follow the on-screen instructions.

YouTube allows creators to support charitable causes. Eligible channels can raise money for non-profits by connecting donation buttons to their videos and live streams. Viewers can donate directly to the video viewing page or live chat. YouTube gifts are not available for videos made for children. Everyone can see the super chat messages on Livestream. You will also see the amount paid. Super Chat is the equivalent of Twitch Cheers on YouTube. It works the same way but focuses on chat messages rather than special emoticons. In addition to YouTube Super Chat, YouTube provides an API that allows developers to access real-time purchase data from the system.

How to Use Super Chat on Youtube Live Stream?

How to Setup Donations on YouTube Live Stream? [Step-by-Step]

Most users of Super Chat will be super fans – channel followers are willing to pay creators to get their attention. The problems of common YouTube creators (and the high-profile influencers across all social networks) can make fans feel distant and distant. These people have a lot more followers to be able to interact with them meaningfully. Fans who use Super Chat get an advantage, of course. Their chats are visually different from daily chat messages. There is a chance that the broadcaster will notice these messages and respond to them in a live stream. YouTube Super Chat gives participants a leg up – they have a better chance of interacting with their heroes.

Even small broadcasters can benefit by encouraging the use of super chats. The more upcoming live streams they broadcast, the more people are likely to attend. And if you can increase the number of your visitors on your live streams, some of them will be encouraged to donate to you through Super Chat. It makes sense to promote your live stream as much as possible – let all your other social followers know about upcoming broadcasts. Don’t forget your existing YouTube followers. Promote your live stream as an event in other videos you’ve created and uploaded.

Of course, you have to make sure that the people watching your live stream treat you well with the payers for the super chat. Make sure you mention them. Answer their questions. Make sure they feel like they’re getting value for their money and that other viewer will see it. You can even give an incentive to those who donate to you. You can provide exclusive additional content for someone who pays a certain amount for a super chat.

How to Place Donate Button on YouTube Channel?

How to Setup Donations on YouTube Live Stream? [Step-by-Step]

To place a “Donate” button on a YouTube channel, you must follow certain requirements established by the video-sharing website. YouTube needs to create a non-profit channel on your site and create a financial account with Google Checkout, an online payment processing service that will handle donations. YouTube is announcing a new feature today to help monetize creators when they go live. This is called super chat and allows viewers to pin a comment directly to the streams. Soon, when someone goes live stream, you’ll see the dollar bill symbol in the chat window. Clicking this button opens a slider that lets you set the number of dollars you want to send to YouTube. The more you play, the more comments will be pinned. You will receive a few more characters for your message.

After payment, the comment will be highlighted in another color to help live streamers flag the payment message. If the comment goes out of the chat stream, creators can click through the paid messages by clicking on the colorful pin at the top of the chat window. Super Chat will replace the site’s previous equipment fan fund to pay visitors to the creators. The goal of Super Chat is to get followers to their favorite YouTubers in real-time, and vice versa.  Similar to what Twitch currently offers with cheering, a way to tip live streamers for fans with chat emotes.

Bigdo’s Line:

The problem with the YouTube version, however, is that any troll could potentially allow hateful comments to be pinned to the stream. For him, McDonald said that the same add-on tools currently offered on regular YouTube would be available for creators to blacklist chat words or ban viewers from harassing them – but it still flagged posts on YouTube that worked above standard community guidelines.

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