YouTube Streaming Xbox One – How to Stream on YouTube Using Xbox One

YouTube Streaming Xbox One – How to Stream on YouTube Using Xbox One

Streaming on youtube using Xbox One is a trendy topic. There are no rules or restrictions on who can live on YouTube. Streaming from your phone requires 1000 subscribers, but someone can stream from their laptop or desktop. Third-party tools can give you more functionality and a more professional live stream, but here’s the privacy, you don’t have to start there.

    1. You can go directly to YouTube with just your computer and YouTube account.
    2. You need to make sure live streaming is enabled on your channel before you can go live on YouTube. To do this, Click on the video camera icon in the upper right corner of the screen > select Live.
    3. Once live streaming is enabled for your channel, you’re prepared to set up your first YouTube live video.
    4. Again, click the video camera icon in the top right corner of the screen and choose Live.
    5. This will take you to YouTube’s live streaming dashboard with all the tools integrated.

Note that if you want to click away from this view, you need to make sure the webcam is selected on your left navigation. Start by typing in your title. Make sure it is spot-on. Researching keywords in your live stream titles is just as important as recording videos to create searchable content. If you make the title searchable, YouTube will be in favor of your live stream while you’re live. Next, decide whether you want your live stream to be public or listed. Of course if you want your audience to see it, make it public.

Youtube Streaming Using Xbox One

Turn on your Xbox. You will need to use a Windows computer for the rest of this procedure. Download and install the Xbox Console Companion titled Microsoft Store Application Icon v3.png from Microsoft Store Image. This is a free application that lets you capture and live stream your Xbox screen on your computer. You can search the Microsoft Store for “Xbox Console Companion” by typing in the search bar in the top right corner of the window.

Many new Windows computers come with this pre-installed application, but you may need to update it to the Microsoft Store. If you want to stream your Xbox Party chat, download and install the Xbox Console Companion – Beta from the Microsoft Store. This is usually the second list in the search results when you search for “Xbox Console Companion”. Download and install OBS Studio from OBS is free and a popular video recording and streaming software that allows people to use overlays and other features. Click to transfer the Windows version of the program, then follow the on-screen instructions to install the downloaded file.

    1. First, visit the official site of OBS and download your software tool. Install it on your system.
    2. Now follow the setup guidelines: you need to select the mode for live stream and your server will be your nearest geographic server Select the type of preferred streaming service and then press the streaming key button from tab
    3. It’s time to open the Xbox application on your device, but make sure you’re working on Windows 10, otherwise some compatibility issues may arise.
    4. Now make a connection between your system and Xbox One.
    5. It’s time to start streaming directly to your YouTube.

Following all these steps can help initially with the need for an easy start live streaming and they may soon popularize their YouTube channel for impressive videos. Advanced video editing tools can be used to develop customized videos. Try to follow your video channel’s regular schedule so viewers can watch it live and stay connected to interactive videos for as long as possible.

Setting Up the Stream on Xbox One

    1. Select the window specified for “mode” and the Xbox console companion for “window”.
    2. When you press OK, you will see that the mirror in the Xbox Console Companion app is also mirrored in your OBS.
    3. You can drag the Xbox Console Companion screen to your OBS window.
    4. If you do not see your Xbox screen at all, right-click “Game Capture” in the Source panel and select Screen from the Transform> Center.
    5. So far, we have Xbox screen streaming, but not Xbox party chats or microphones, it requires a few more steps that you need to do more if you can only plan party chat streaming.
    6. To set up OBS to stream your Xbox Party chat, navigate to your Xbox settings (scroll left to drag the menu, then right scroll to the gear icon)  then go to General> Volume and Audio Output.
    7. Then go to Party Chat Output and select Headset or Headset and Speaker. This setting depends on your setup. If you have a headset plugged into your computer, click to set up the party chat output as a headset.
    8. However, if you have two headsets (1 is plugged into your computer and the other is near your controller), select the headset and speaker.
    9. Then open the Xbox Console Companion – Beta and sign in with your Microsoft account (if you want to stream party chats).  Join the party you want to stream. The parties you can join will appear in a panel on the right side of your screen.


Bigdo’s Line:

Probably the most noticeable way to promote your YouTube live stream is to get the word out to your social media fans. Tweets, Instagram stories, Facebook posts – not a whole yard. I strongly copy and paste across the platform. People use different social platforms for different reasons and expect to see different brands of content depending on the feed they are scrolling through. Your Facebook fans may expect you to use a more deadly, professional tone, but your Twitter followers may be more open to humor and courage.

The more thoughtful you are about the promotional messages you send across platforms, the more results you can expect to see. Beyond organic social marketing, I encourage you to experiment with smaller Facebook ad campaigns. One nice thing about Facebook is that you don’t have to spend a certain amount of money or run ads for a certain amount of time; You can spend as little as you want and advertise as much time as you feel you need.

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